Airtel Mobitude 2011 Reveals Mobile Data Traffic Trends in India

Bharti Airtel, India’s leading telecommunication company released the data traffic trends on mobile devices in the nation. Airtel, as a part of its annual survey of customer preferences- Airtel Mobitude 2011 reveals the data. According to the company, this is the only annual survey of its kind that captures customer preferences through their mobile usage patterns and trends among customers across India.


Here follows the survey results

Most popular social sites by mobile browsers

Accessed by Airtel Mobile

Most popular social networking sites in India by numbers

Facebook 21% 34 million *
Orkut 6% 18 million *
Twitter 4% 14 million #
* Source: Company websites # Industry estimates

Most visited mobile internet sites

The survey also reveals that Cricket, Bollywood and SpyCam apps are among the top 10 most downloaded apps.

Most downloaded apps

iSpyCams – View popular webcams from all around the globe organized by Popularity, Categories and Countries in a full-screen video stream.
Kingfisher Calendar 2011 – Features the top swimsuit models
SecureSMS – A mobile application to safeguard your private and sensitive information while sending with SMS
FridayMoviez – The Entertainment mega portal
IM plus – An all in one messenger
Typically, the survey results reveal that people spend their time mostly on Social networking to get connected to their friends. Also, this is evident by looking at the most visited websites. Facebook and Google are the two comes in top at multiple interfaces.
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