Airtel kicks off 4G services on mobile for iPhone 5s/5c users in Bangalore

airtel4g Airtel’s Bangalore customers will be the first in line to experience 4G voice and data services in the country. Only Apple iPhone 5s and 5c users will be able to take advantage of the faster speeds to begin with, since these are the only two devices that currently support the 2300 MHz frequency band on which 4G is available. Existing customers will need to upgrade their 3G SIM cards at an Airtel store to take advantage of 4G speeds. Airtel is offering 4G to users at the same price as their current 3G plans. As an added incentive, customers still using 2G can upgrade to any 3G plan to get 4G speeds. The offer is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers. The telecom operator has also launched a new 4G plan which offers 10GB data for Rs 1,000. Earlier, Airtel launched 4G modems and dongles in four cities across India. It plans to introduce 4G for mobile phones across the country in phases.
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