Airtel Launches 3G Services in Kanpur and Lucknow

Airtel announced the launch of 3G services in Eastern Uttar Pradesh starting with the industrial hub Kanpur and Lucknow. Airtel will roll-out the fastest 3G data services in the other major locations soon. In the recent months, Airtel commenced the 3G services in UP West, followed by Uttarakhand. airtel-3g-268x300 With the launch of new Airtel 3G services, customers of Uttar Pradesh (east) will enjoy the seamless 3G experience in the state. The service offering includes the exciting features like fast mobile internet access, video streaming, video calling, Mobile TV, social networking on-the-go and high definition gaming. Customers can choose the desired plans that suits their requirement. Airtel provides the timely updates with the latest offerings and alerts on their data usage helping them control their expenditure on 3G. To know more or experience the power of Airtel 3G, call 12134 (tollfree) or SMS 3G HELP to 121.

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