Airtel launched SmartDrive navigation service with real time traffic information

Telecom operator company Airtel has launched one of the unique app in Indian market for navigation. SmartDrive is a navigation application that is launched by Airtel to provide navigation and real time traffic information with voice navigation feature. This application will currently show you real time traffic information for Delhi, NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore. You can get directions to any place by driving or walking using SmartDrive application for mobile devices. If you want to give it a try then you can go to page and check out the list of supporting devices for this application. You can also get a download link by sending “smart” to 54321. Smart navigation and real time traffic information for these listed cities are available for monthly and daily subscriptions. You can either get the whole service for Rs. 49/ Month or Rs. 3/ Day.

SmartDrive by AirtelCredit – Airtel

So using SmartDrive application for navigation by Airtel you can actually plan out your routes with less traffic. People in cities like Delhi and all surely need some kind of real time traffic information application because of huge traffic problem. If you are one of them then you should totally check out the features of this App on your mobile device. It will also allow you to search point of interest according to you like some restaruents and all. Traffic status in this application is provided with red, yellow and green colour. If you see a red coloured route then it means this route is having heavy traffic. Other two colour means medium and smooth traffic respectively. So are you going to give this application a try? Do share the article to help your friends suffering from heavy traffic problems.
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