Airtel ISD Roaming Rates For Lanka & Bangladesh Got Cheaper

In order to cash in on the customers undertaking international travel to South Asian countries  Bharti Airtel has come up with a new low cost international roaming plan. This plan will be valid for customers travelling to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

People visiting Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will be charged Rs.1/min for outgoing local calls in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and the  Incoming calls or calling to Indian numbers  will cost them  Rs. 10/min. Hence it makes it a lot easier to stay connected to friends and family back home in India for just a mere Rs. 1.

So for the vacationers and those people visiting these countries often on business can make full use of these facilities. With growing business and tourism in South Asia, Airtel has very cleverly tried to tap in on this factor. Interestingly Airtel’s telecommunications services operate also in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Hence this move of theirs will please the local as well as their Indian customers. A smart move on their part. We hope that in the future Airtel will cut down roaming charges to other international destinations as well.

With a growing customer base Bharti Airtel has become one of India’s largest Mobile Service provider. It is also a leading global telecommunications company. It operates in 20 Asian and African countries that include Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

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