Airtel coming up with Wi-Fi services

It has been in the talks to Offload Data to Wi-Fi by Cellular companies for a long period of time. It seems now Airtel is going to take the initiative and is moving forward in the field of providing Wi-Fi Services to the users. why-wifi-banner The expected launch of Wi-Fi services from India’s Largest Mobile Operator is being talked to take place in the coming days. Airtel will provide Wi-Fi services in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru initially. Airtel is offering secure wireless Broadband service with unlimited usage. The plans are expected to be session based or time based. The users will be directed to find out Airtel Hotspot and select Airtel Wi-Fi Zone, activate voucher and get started with the new browsing experience. Airtel has opened a new helpline on 18001022244 for customer support. Airtel has also opened options for Wi-Fi hangout for an establishment owner and Wi-fi partners for the restaurant, Cafe owners. via

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