Airtel collaborates Google to launch free zone

Airtel and Google has collaborated to launch free zone service which enables Airtel users to use services of Google from their Airtel wireless network absolutely for free. Free zone means Airtel mobile users will not have to pay incurring data charges while using Google service nor any data plan would be required. It will enable user to browse following Google services for free –

  • Gmail – To check email accounts
  • Google search – To search anything through Google
  • Google+ – To remain in contact with your friends socially

Additionally this plan will also allow free access to the first page of websites appearing in the search result pages.

airtel-free-zoneTo access this service user just have to log into from their Airtel mobile browser than user have to sign in their Google account to enable this service. It can be run on any Internet enabled mobile phone.

Although its innovative and user friendly service, but user have to keep in mind that this service is available free only till data usage limit of 1Gb. Also this Free zone service cannot be accessed by mobile default browser, browser like Opera is needed to use this service, It cannot be used in any other portal except mobile phones.

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