Airtel Call Manager app review: no more unwanted calls

“The Airtel Call Manager app is a one-stop solution for all your calling and unwanted call-blocking needs”


A mobile phone is a very personal device and we all want to have the utmost control over it. However, when it comes to receiving calls, there is little that can be done. We end up answering most calls, even though quite a few from unknown numbers turn out to be useless. Unless you have a solution like Truecaller installed on your device, you cannot really be sure whether to accept or ignore a call from an unknown number. Airtel has offered a unique solution to offer respite to its subscribers in the form of the Airtel Call Manager. In essence, the Call Manager is an app which can give the users ultimate control over the calls they receive, and more importantly, on the time they want to. While all this might sound promising, let us find out the real worth of this new app.

Installation, plus look and feel


The app has a lightweight size which is neither heavy to download nor difficult for even the entry-level smartphones to run easily. All users need is an active internet connection and this app works beautifully. Although it’s recommended that Airtel subscribers should use a 3G connection while using this app, even a 2G internet connection will also get the work done.

The app is available for Android and will be making its way to iOS users in the coming weeks. 

The layout of the app is very neat and easy to understand. Users can easily learn to use it within a few minutes. Apart from the basic features, the app has a phonebook backup and restore feature that can be accessed from the menu panel at the bottom.

All the essential features are available


The app has three essential functions to perform including call blacklisting, blocking all calls with a message and phonebook backup and restore.

As one of its primary features, the app offers easy call blocking. Users can easily add any number to the list in the app, and that number would be blocked for calls.

In addition to the selective call blocking feature, the Airtel Call Manager also offers a mega block feature, which blocks all the calls as and when the user wants, and no calls are allowed to get through. Users can also select a time-limited duration if they are going on a vacation for a few days, or can block the calls and enable them back manually if they are not feeling well.

While doing so, the app offers additional utility and delivers a custom message to the caller, intimating them about the reason why their call has not been answered. In addition, the user also gets a message about the details of the blocked calls, so that they can decide to respond to the person whenever they can.

Ease of setting a custom message


The Airtel Call Manager offers a choice of 10 preset profiles to its users, all complete with custom greeting messages for the callers as well. In addition, the app also comes with a nifty little feature of setting up a custom profile, as per the need and requirement of the user.

What makes this feature unique is the ability to record a custom greeting message along with the custom profile as well. All a user needs to do is record the message in his or her voice and save it, and the next time anyone calls, they gets to hear the same message.

Other than this custom profile feature, there is no other need for customisation in this app, and it is very simple and designed for most basic of users.

All good things come for a price


The app itself is free, but there is a monthly subscription of Rs 30 per month associated with use of this application and the Airtel Call Manager service.

Despite the cost, the benefits offered by the app are handy, and justify the outlay. What makes absolute sense for the cost is that the app itself does not block any call or SMS on its own, and all the work is handled by Airtel servers, resulting in an effective and accurate call management.

In addition to the smartphone app, users can also monitor and control the service from a web-based interface as well by simply visiting

Ultimately paying Rs 30 a month is equal to the amount a user pays for setting a caller tune, but the added peace of mind this app brings is surely a big advantage. Additionally the app can reduce roaming charges considerably as you can block people from calling, though the user will still be notified via SMS as and when they get a call.

Editor’s rating: 9 / 10


  • Integrated call management
  • Server-level call blocking
  • Lightweight install
  • Easy to use


  • Only available for Airtel subscribers
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