Aircel Wi-Fi – Good Wirless Internet alternative to 3G?

Rolling out 3G is a long and investment-heavy process. It might take another year or two before we see wide-spread, seamless, interruption-free 3G services across India. Can some equivalent wireless broadband services be provided in the mean time? Definitely yes..How about Wi-Fi Hotspots? In an attempt to offer wireless broadband to the consumers as early as possible, Aircel has come up with Wi-Fi zones across India. By now you would have seen television commercials about the Aircel Wi-Fi Service. What exactly is this service? We will talk about this in today’s post. aircel-wifi Aircel Wi-Fi is a wireless broandband solution that offers high-speed internet access to the devices that are wi-fi enabled. The devices can be your smartphone, laptops or tablets. GPRS is slow and requires an active SIM card to access wireless internet. 3G requires SIM Card too and as of now 3G coverage is pretty lame. Aircel has installed Wi-Fi hotspots across 10 cities in India such as Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkota, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Ludhiana and Gurgaon. The list of Wi-Fi Hotspots are provided below. Once you are near the Aircel Wi-Fi Hotspot, you have to switch on the Wi-Fi in your device and scan the hotspots around your area. You would see ‘AIRCEL_SPECTRANET’. Choose ‘AIRCEL_SPECTRANET’ and click connect. You would be connected to the network. Open the browser and type ‘’ (or your favourite website). You would be redirected back to AIRCEL_SPECTRANET welcome page with an option to sign up. You have to sign up by providing your aircel 10 digit mobile number. Once you have signed up, you would receive an SMS containing authorization password to the mobile number you provided during sign up. Enter the password on the AIRCEL_SPECTRANET page. Now you are good to go. The password is valid for one hour. There are some caveats. You should keep the AIRCEL_SPECTRANET window open till you are done with the browsing. Otherwise, you would have request for a new password. Sounds strange, but you must know this. Aircel is offering this service to all its subscribers till March 31st 2011 as a Free Trial offer. After March 31st, the service will be available as a chargeable service @ Rs. 15 per hour of browsing. The charge would be added to the post-paid bill or deducted from the prepaid balance. As a fair usage policy, Aircel is limiting the data download to 30 MB per hour. If you happen to exceed 30 MB before one hour, you would have to request for new password by paying another Rs. 15. List of Aircel Wi-Fi Zones or Hotspots in India

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