Aiaiai TMA-1 Studio headphones

The Danish headphone maker, Aiaiai is really good at its job of making great pair of headphones with focus on the performance and may be that is why the company does not try to make things flashy but rather simple and practical. AIAIAI-TMA-1-Studio-4 Let us take a look at the TMA-1 Studio headphones from the house of Aiaiai. Design and features The company is really keen on the minimalist design, which is down to earth and practical. The TMA-1 Studios thus sport a simple, black matte plastic and foam design. Coiled cables connect to the earpieces from the padded headband, and thin arm-pieces let the ear cups to move for size adjustment. The coiled cable is stronger than many other reputed competing brands, and is handy as well. Fit and comfort It is a bit of a work adjusting the earpieces as they slide up-and-down on the slotted arms. However, after it is properly adjusted you shouldn’t have any issue with the headphone’s fit and comfort. The choice of the new foam ear cups is really good as they provide very good comfort. Its light weight and the able passive noise-isolation along with great comfort make the TMA-1 Studio headphones an absolute choice for an extensive wear. The ear cups are the highlight of this pair of headphones as they are quite innovative. Audio performance As far as audio performance and sonic excellence is concerned, the TMA-1 Studio headphones are absolutely great and keep to its name. It will give you the feeling as if you are listening to the tracks in the studio where they were recorded with great precision of sound effects. The TMA-1 Studio has a great bass and handles the low ends very smoothly. The high pitches are easy to the ears while not losing its charm. The instruments are presented in their actual rhythm, while each can be separately perceived with their own individual effect. For the electronics lovers, this pair of headphones would be a great choice. The sound is absolutely crisp and clear. No matter which genre of music is played the TMA-1 Studio does a great job everywhere. The tracks are presented with every single detail along with the echoing and vibrating effect wherever they are applicable. Even the slightest of chimes are not missed, while the sound gives a surrounding effect as it moves in and out from one ear to the other, as if the music is being played all around you. In few words the TMA-1 Studio is that premium quality headphone that can be used both by general music lovers as well as professionals. Conclusion The TMA-1 Studio headphones produce crisp and clear sound that is well balanced and extremely smooth to the ears. Its performance highlight is its resonant low end and soft mid range coupled with glittering treble that will mesmerize you. Whether you are a great music enthusiast or listen to music for sheer pleasure, if you are ready to shell out $250 then, there is no better choice than the TMA-1 Studio.

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