Acer plans to launch a Windows 8 Smartphone and 5 Android Smartphones next year

Once again, Acer tries to participate in the Smartphone battle. Not just one or two, this time the company aim to introduce atleast six phones by next year. Acer planned to embrace the consumers with One Windows 8 Smartphone and five Android smartphones. According to Jim Wong, President of Acer, the company will focus on markets like China, Europe, Indonesia and several South-East Asia countries including India.


Undoubtedly, these Smartphones will carry Qualcomm’s Dual-Core processors for high-end models and MediaTek chipset for entry-level smartphones. Though it is not confirmed, the company will cater the needs of customers across all segments. Therefore the Smartphone line-up will carry a mix of entry level, Mid and High-end devices. Acer will use its established sales channels and network carriers for the launch in Europe. However, it might face a tough situation in Asian markets. The countries like Thailand, Malaysia and India needs a special focus as Acer is known for entry-level to mid-range devices at this place. In China, the low-end strategy will not work, as the land is full of imitations and vendors toes ultra-low models of the same kind. Acer planned to outsource the production of smartphones mainly to Qisda and Compal Communication in 2013 for consistency in design. So, let us hope that Acer creates a tough-time for its contenders.

via [Digitimes]

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