Acer Aspire S7 MS2363 with amazing bending capacity

The Acer Aspire S7 MS2363 is designed with a classy white metal that would ideally suit a white-collared professional. When displayed on the shelf in stores the store would gather large crowd who would be curious about the features of the amazing product. The camera is light-weighted at 12.2mm when closed which is a bonus along with the design. For those who are attracted to the design, the exterior quality offers a fine finish and is also scratch resistant. The secret behind the scratch resistant feature is the protective glass covering.  The hinge is of a robust build and you can open the lid of the laptop to 180 degrees, which makes this system extremely user friendly where you can use the system even while working on the bed. acer_aspire_s7_open_131811238433_640x360 The laptop is of narrow dimension, but nevertheless has amazing auxiliary fittings of two USB 3.0 ports, headphone jack, microSD card compartment, and microHDMI port in the rear. The S7 MS2363 ultrabook is incorporated with powerful LAN and VGA adapters. The LAN adaptor is fitted with a USB port and VGA adapter is inserted into the microHDMI port. To regulate the HDMI cable, you have the option of a microHDMI. The system is offered with charging adaptor, pouch and battery back that functions for lengthy durations. The battery has an amazing capacity to function for long periods without wearing out, due to the fitment of secondary battery that transfers heat to the back and ports. The battery is attached to the system and there are holes at the rear to release excess air. The S7 MS2363 can be used for prolonged periods without having to worry about the system heating up excessively, due to the fan mechanism that sucks cool air throughout the system. When you open the lid, the keys have a large surface area where you don’t have the opportunity to accidentally press another key. The keys are fitted in island style. The interior design matches the classy exterior white design. Moreover the writings on the keys are large enough to be read even in the dark. The S7 MS2363 is offered in 1920×1080 pixels with 11.6-inch screen with powerful resolutions. The screen display might be as large dimensioned as many quality laptops, but is still effective for loading files on a day to day basis. This can also be the perfect outdoor camera with bright TFT LCD display. The interior processes employed are Intel Core i7-3517U operating at 1.9GHz, with 4GB RAM and SSDs in RAID 0 arrangement, with an amazing storage capacity of 256GB. This system is extremely versatile due to its lightning read or write pace. The S7 functions on the advanced technology of Windows 864-bit that functions at super speed compared to the previous windows. The other features for optimum protection to save files is McAfee trial version and Acer apps such as storage, maintenance, backup, restore and so on. The Acer Aspire S7 MS2363 offers excellent features starting from its bendable capacity to 180 degrees, decent 11.6-inch screen display, and neat compartmentalised keys with highly visible writings that is visible even in the dark, incredible battery sustainability and versatility to read or write at super speeds.

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