A New Spectrum for Wireless Network at MWC 2013

Mobile World Congress is commonly used by mobile network operators as a tool to reduce taxes and create a circle of wireless spectrum. This year, a new word has been coined which suits the reduced tax policy to the hilt called harmonisation. The mobile industry functions differently based on the brand and location with differing electromagnetic frequencies that vary in different countries. Chief executive of Telecom Italia, Franco Bernabe is keen on emphasising on a stronger growth for wireless operators and spectrum. 20130225_MWC_carriers_002_610x318 In a speech at mobile conference, Bernabe said, ‘’It’s not only about the outlay or the quantity of spectrum, it is imperative for the spectrum to take off on a global scale.’’ He also said, that harmonisation will enhance ‘’cost efficiencies,’’ which implies that same phone and network data will operate between two countries.’’ On weather harmonisation is effective for consumers and not those with internet banking, he said harmonisation is the key to provide greater access to mobile services and thereby increase consumer affordability and users will be comfortable with the fact that they will have service from any part of the world. There is a lot of thinking and strategising that needs to be done before implementing harmonisation. The main issue is countries have problems with radio-frequency spectrum even before stepping into global agreement. Mobile World Congress is operated by the GSMA, which is an association based in Europe and is flourishing to other parts of the globe. Every year during the show, operators stress on more spectrum, less regulation and reduced onerous taxation. Companies, in order to combat challenges from this amazing wireless technology called harmonisation must focus on huge, sophisticated and intricate wireless networks. The current wireless technology employed is the 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) which is not only extremely versatile with rapid data-transfer speeds, but also efficient due to lower communication delays. Let’s hope that the wireless technology termed harmonisation to reduce taxis takes off with admirable profits. This technology will create a greater bond between global players.
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