A joint venture by Google and NIIT for introducing Google Web Academy in India

Google and NIIT are together introducing a training center for amateur professionals known as the Google Web Academy, in India. This step has been taken to help professionals gain digital efficiency which will subsequently assist the rapidly developing online industry. NIIT will be giving special classes in all its centers across India, with Google providing curricula and certification standards. The companies are actually trying to rear highly trained professionals for the online marketing jobs. niit_google_ VP & Managing Director Google India, Rajan  Anandan said that the Google Web Academy is a capacity building measure keeping in view the growing Internet economics of India. This new venture offers technical courses for IT professionals and software developers as well. Vijay Thadani, chief executive officer of NIIT said the courses will offer topics like optimizing online presence with web analytics, search engine marketing and increase the business productivity with Google products and technologies. Lately, the Indian system of education has been observing academic changes including technical advancement.  AICTE recently disclosed its plans for an in-house job portal for the students and employers. AICTE has another plan to launch an academic networking website and a slot of doctorate papers to check for cheating and duplication. This academic networking site is also planning to interconnect 7.5 million students, enrolled in AICTE – approved institutions. The AICTE is working on a Project Factory, a work with an aim to capture the abstracts of all post graduate projects in an online data bank.
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