A Buzz that Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming with 1080p display, A15 CPU

Speculations are running amok on the Internet, prompting that the Samsung Galaxy will come up with a full- fledged HD 1080p display and is to be powered with a quad-core A15 processor. Samsung-Galaxy Tech website GSMArena has been fervently pin-pointing some of the buzz, that presently, attracting the notice of the general public and Samsung fans, related to Samsung’s next venture after the most popular Galaxy S3 smartphone. Together, these add to the proposal that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be also sporting a 5-inch, or 4.99-inch to be exact, Super AMOLED display with a 1080p resolution. Samsung needs to be careful as there are strong opponents too in global market like that of HTC, which is embarking upon its own 1080p smartphone. Remember, the recent HTC DNA in the United States and HTC J Bytterfly in Japan. By the way, it is also learned that Samsung will be unfolding the curtain from its 1080p Super AMOLED displays probably at CES in January next year. Oops!! Forgot to mention, the lack of + indication at the end of Super Amoled would propose that Samsung may continue with their PenTile displays. Be aware, it is only a buzz, okay? Coming to the processor speculation, it is proposed that Samsung Galaxy S4 will run on a 2GHz quad-core modification of Samsung’s personal Exynos 5450 CPU. The twin version of what strengthens the Google Nexus 10 tablet. Hence it is a fleshy bit of equipment. Have more questions? Do share below and also try to answer which are already asked.

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