A Brilliant Activity-based exercise. Design a Cell Phone for Senior citizens.

As we were browsing over some of the old-but-treasurable content, we stumbled upon this page. Developed by Edheads, this interactive flash game assigns you a task to design a cellphone that caters to senior citizens. It takes you through 3 stages. First you have to research and understand the customer pain points such as expectations on battery life, screen size, button size, ease-of-use, size of the phone, weight of the phone etc., Second, based on the market research results, you have to design a phone where you can customize the battery life, screen size, brightness, colour, recycled materials, button size, software complexity. Third, you have to get some test feedback from a focus group. Based on the result, you can decide if you want to get this phone manufactured and sold in the market. Sounds like fun…The activity which takes 5 minutes of your time allows you to learn the nuances of product design, product engineering, consumer understanding, market research etc.,

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