91mobiles wishes you a Happy Republic Day

republic-day-2013 It has been 63 years since the Constitution of India came into effect changing the fate of an entire nation. The preamble of the Indian Constitution declares India to be a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic ensuring its citizens Justice, Equality, Liberty and Fraternity. A hard war was won to endow us this status and though not a war for freedom, a difficult battle is still on within the country to uphold and protect these values that were a promise made to ourselves and to the nation. India has been racing forward with grace and dignity, bettering herself. The pitfalls are leapt over as the country moves from one era to the next. The progress slows, but never halts, carrying the country with its diverse notions and attitudes. If you observe the development of the Indian Technology industry you will get a glimpse of her achievement. The nation has always been famous for supplying the world with the best and brightest engineers and scientists. The industry took its first step into the field with BPOs and call centers which transformed people’s way of life across the country. We then progressed to KPOs that took over all the back end job of the first world country who welcomed this cost effective way of managing the necessary work. Over the years, the country moved on to take up higher-level IT tasks, offering management consulting services, and performing sophisticated R&D. The country has now progressed to develop smart and innovative technology that is changing the face of the way the world works around us. Gone are the days when we provided back end support to major IT companies around the world. The young generation is opting to set up start ups that create high value products with intellectual property. The country is witnessing a trend of reverse brain drain with many Indians returning home to set up their own companies and examine their opportunities. Why just Indians, even foreigners are landing on the shores to explore business opportunities in the country. The country is moving from strength to strength. A country that at one time famed for its snake charmers and red tape, has broken ahead to become one of the most technologically updated nation. The farmers in far off villages call the big city wholesalers to get the best price to sell their products. Indian network carriers probably offer the cheapest call and mobile internet packs in the World. There are over 9000 companies in India, big and small developing mobile applications in various categories for the Indian and foreign markets. In fact, the Indian market is one of the major markets for launching new product. The citizens have used the freedom ensured them in the Constitution well enough to make India stand out on the Global map. Despite the political and social setbacks we have faced time and again, the country has charged forth. India is a young country with over 50% of its population under the age of 40 years, and the youth is working hard to transform the face of the country. We have empowered ourselves to demand what we want and grab it rather than wait for it to come and fall on our laps. Driven by passion and a desire for a better life not only for themselves, but also the nation, it is inspiring to watch the country charge forth. Let us take a moment to bow down to all those who laid down their lives to make this beautiful country ours and allowed us a chance to write our own destinies. Make a promise to yourself today to not misuse this freedom and respect the rights you have been given and take up the responsibility to build upon the great vision. Team 91mobiles along with 91shopping is on its endeavor to help you getting best of technology. We wish you and your family a very very Happy Republic Day. Jai Hind!
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