91mobiles knockout: Microsoft Surface vs new Apple iPad

Just two days ago, on the first day of Windows Phone Developer Summit, Microsoft unveiled its first own brand tablet – ‘Surface’. The success or failure of the device is yet to be seen, but what Microsoft claimed in the unveiling event seems it not to be just a No. 2 to Apple’s iPad, but it will surely be true iPad rival. Is it? Time to judge comparing both the tablets. SurfaceSurface vs iPad – Keyboard/touch-pad productivity More time has been spent on the Touch Cover and Type Cover of Surface. It has got innovative Smart Cover type accessories with soft or physical keyboard. For Type Cover it got touch pad bonded to one side. In the case of Apple’s iPad, the device supports wide variety of Bluetooth keyboards and cases, but no support is found for touch pad or mouse. Here, iPad cannot be considered as a true replacement to laptop. Surface vs iPad – Apps The App Store of iDevice giant gives you access to every app for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. It in fact leads the tablet pack. More to this, Apple’s iPad has spawned several iPad-optimized Web sites and Web apps. For Microsoft tablet it is just two: Windows RT run Metro apps and Windows 8 run older Windows app also. Now it is highly needed that the Surface RT must build a convincing catalog of apps. Surface vs iPad – Price Microsoft’s Surface need to be more affordable than Apple’s iPad. If not, it must be better at the same price. There are two major challenges for Surface. It need to compete with iPad as well as Ultrabooks as several Windows Ultrabooks are priced as low as $799. Surface vs iPad – Operating System Windows 8 tablets are a full-fledged computers capable of running apps of tablet as well as computer. It is the right time to see whether Microsoft stands ahead of race, but sadly the Surface RT version only runs apps just like the iPad. Surface vs iPad – Screen The Surface RT looked giving resolutions of 720p-level and the Surface Windows 8 offer 1080p where as we have seen the New iPad gave a far crisper Retina Display. Don’t know how long it will take for Microsoft to offer ultrahigh-resolution screen in its Surface tablet. iPad 2 had resolution of 720p-level. Can the Surface of Microsoft get the great success that the company experienced with its Xbox 360 and Kinect? Time to sit and watch the competition. Do write below your own views. Meanwhile, do check the unveiling of Windows Phone 8 by Microsoft few hours ago on the second day of Windows Phone Developer Summit event in San Francisco. Also, what else we have for you related to Surface tablet in last 2 days. Just check below: Microsoft Surface tablet first impression First Look: Microsoft Surface Tablet Picture Gallery Microsoft unveils iPad-Killer ‘Surface’ tablet

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