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Nitin Gambhir Nitin Gambhir hii…can u plz tell me expected date and price of nokia c7 n c601 , and if i compare nokia c6 wid samsung wave? both have 5 megapixels camera..? which is btter deal, as c6 is of 14000 and wave for 18000? or i shud wait for c601 and c7?
  • 91mobiles As per latest news C7 and C6-01 should arrive by the year end and we expect the price of c7 above 20K, price of c6-01 has not been disclosed yet. Wave is a nice phone and surprisingly if you compare it with Galaxy S which is 10K more expens…ive, you will find both the phones very close. Only screen size and OS. Our advice…. Go for wave

Shopaholicz Jilayne
Shopaholicz Jilayne PLEASE help me to decide, Blackberry Bold 2 (9700) or NOKIA N8 ?????????

Anish Ghosh
Anish Ghosh name a touch indian mobile within rs. 7000
91mobiles Karbonn K1212, Micromax X505 Psych, VOX Mobile VGS-505, Videocon V1655 and many more.
Santosh Pothu
Santosh Pothu hey im planning to buy HTC SMART F3188 …. can u just trell me does this phone support games n applications as it is not a windows phone …
  • Trisha Robert Its supports java so you can download Java games on it…September 26 at 6:47am
  • Santosh Pothu and what about applications ?September 27 at 12:42am
  • Santosh Pothu hey trisha is it good to buy F3188 or go for any other phone ?September 27 at 12:45am
  • Trisha Robert Faiirly nice phone for 7500 rs…. you get 3mp camera with flash… no wi-fi thoughSeptember 27 at 11:50am

Ansh Abhinav Khandelwal
Ansh Abhinav Khandelwal what is the cost samsung galaxy beam??
September 25 at 10:40pm
Anish Ghosh
Anish Ghosh what is the price of samsung corby pro,samsung corby plus
September 25 at 8:43am
  • 91mobiles Subsidised rates if you buy through 91mobiles.com Samsung Corby Plus : Rs.6,550 Samsung Corby Pro : Rs.9,295

Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta what is price of nokia c6,nokia c7 and nokia e7?
September 25 at 1:20am
Nitin Gambhir
Nitin Gambhir i am confused between samsung galaxy 3 and nokia x6? suggest the best ?
September 24 at 10:44am
  • 91mobilesBoth are good phones with some hands up over other Nokia X6 has a better screen resolution and provides 5 MP camera with flash… I have used the its camera and its good. So if you are a multimedia lover, you must opt Nokia X6 But If you are …kinda mobile geek, you will enjoy using Galaxy 3 as it comes with AndroidOS and much better RAM & ROM. More options for 3rd party apps here but only 3.2 MP camera without flash Let us know which one you buy 🙂 See detailed comparison here http://www.91mobiles.com/compare-mobile-phones.html
  • Nitin Gambhir Thanks, which other mobile i can consider while compairing dese 2, in range of rs 15000 ? and wat abt. samsung wave? its somewhere around 18k?.September 25 at 6:56am
  • Nitin Gambhir i hav heard lots of complaint about nokia x6 touch…m really scared to go for nokia x6? do u have any idea such problems? or which other cell i shud consider upto 15000 rs?September 25 at 11:10am
  • 91mobiles Dear NItin, An answer to all your questions Top 5 value for money phones under Rs20,000 for Sep 10 …http://www.91mobiles.com/blog/2126/Top+5+value+for+money+phones+under+Rs20+000+for+Sep+10.htmlSee More September 25 at 10:37pm
  • Nitin Gambhir thanksSeptember 26 at 1:46am
  • Nitin Gambhir thanksSeptember 26 at 1:46am

Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta tell a good touch phone in range of 12k aprox…..i want a good camera with flash,good os,wifi.would lyk to prefer nokia and samsung!!!!!!!!1
September 23 at 4:01am – Mohamed Mohideen likes this.
  • 91mobiles Dear Aditya, Samsung S5560 Marvel has 5 MP Camera with LED Flash and auto-focus, has Wi-Fi, 3 inch touch screen and costs around 9k. Nokia 5530 Xpress Music with 3.1 MP with LED Flash and autofocus, wi-fi and 2.9 inch touch screen, costs aro…und 9.5-10k. Other options could be Samsung Galaxy 3 (i5800), Samsung Galaxy Apollo (i5803) Hope this helps.

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