91mobiles’ Expert Chat gives way to Q&A forum

Dear Patrons,

We launched 91mobiles EXPERT CHAT around a year ago with a clear motive – “Get the user queries resolved by a gadget expert”. Since then, thousands of users have utilised this service and were immensely benefitted while looking for the perfect gadget for their need, looking for a great deal, or even while requiring specific clarifications around any gadget / product.


Needless to say, users were extremely happy about this direct one to one chat, as evident from the 4.54 rating for 91mobiles APP in the Google Play Store.

However, this approach had the following pitfalls:

1. Users asked the same questions regarding the same gadget, that have already been answered by the experts, causing redundant effort for the experts
2. One-to-one chat is costly for us and thus limits our scale
3. Users did not have access to the questions already asked by other users, which might be relevant for them as well
4. There was no way to get answers from real users of the gadget

Keeping these points in mind, we have launched a new feature in the form of  Q/A  forum which is live on our website and would be live on the app soon enough, which already have the most popular questions for the most popular gadgets. You can also post your question and get answers from real users / gadget experts. 

Going forward, we will be shutting down EXPERT CHAT by 30th October and transferring all our experts to answer questions posted by users on the desktop forum. So your cyril, vivin will still be in your service, just the medium of that service will change.

We thank you sincerely for the support and love extended for the EXPERT CHAT service. We hope you see through the rationale for our decision and recommend our service to your friends and family to help us build the biggest repository of questions on gadgets.

Sincerely,91mobiles Team

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