#91MobileFeatures‏–crowdsourced ideas for futuristic mobility

So we were in trends again. Just like the last contest for crazy mobile apps, we got tonnes of ideas. And this time we got some real innovative ideas which could (and should) make their way in forthcoming mobiles.

Well, if you are wondering, I am talking about the competition launched on Monday by 91mobiles.com. It was regarding tweeting the innovative mobile features and getting most retweets on it. For the winners, a pair of Skull Candy earphones and a bluetooth headset were at stake.


As earlier, Hours after the contest started we were trending in India and thousands of feature ideas were flowing in. It was not easy to select just a few good ideas from the bunch. To ease up the things, we segregated them in three segments: Funny, Practical and Futuristic.

There were a few impossible ideas also. Like one tweeted by priyankakantak, where she wished a mobile which can read her mind. Sorry ma’m, nothing in his world can read a girl’s mind Open-mouthed smile.

Coming back to the selected tweets. Here are the best ones:

Funniest feature ideas:

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Muffling the sound of people who are yelling at you.
I would like an app which would slap me when I don’t wake up in the morning :p
a phone should have a Lie Detector
A phone that can detect mobile number of the girl whom i pass by
My mobile should be able to see through ๐Ÿ™‚ I am proposing this feature for security purpose ๐Ÿ™‚
When i dial Emergency it directly connects me to Barack Obama
Drone Targets Terrorists, Similarly I Need A Drone Feature In My Phone Which Can Target My Kadhos Boss Location
Eat the vegetables which my mom cooks and convert it into Pizzas and burgers
Helps me in losing weight just by talking on the phone.
which understands my mind
A phone that can suggest me dating tips basis the girls profile ๐Ÿ™‚
“Family Tree” Reminder app that keeps a track of all my relationships and relatives ๐Ÿ˜›
a feature to ask me to stop eating when I get in the fat mode!
an app to slap the people who sleep with their phones and snore in their sleep disturbing others.
A feature which tests whether your toothpaste has “namak” in it.
RT @gauravtilokani: Free Internet with 4G speeds! @91mobiles
It should tell me to whom does my Gf forwards my loving msgs
A Hulk-Phone. Turns into a tablet when angry. @91mobiles
a feature that can mute people who talk a lot ๐Ÿ˜›
Phone should have lie detector to detect Poonam Pandeys false promises
which helps to make women mute for a while ๐Ÿ˜›
An App which can Mute my GF on Demand…
An app that will get all the gadgets of Doraemon.
It should transfer balance to my mobile from the person who wishes me Happy Birthday on FB.
A feature that enables mobiles to have a life-cycle. I would love if my phone reproduces an iPhone.
I should be able to trace the person who started ACP and Daya Jokes
An app which can catch 3g on 2g connection ๐Ÿ˜‰ # Muchneeded
An App which can kill all the “Heavenly Apps” – I have no Idea Sir ji
A mobile which has bouncing qualities. So, when I drop it, I dont get a mini heart attack
A phone which can identify wether the product scanned is made in china>?
A feature when i search ‘Sunny’ it should throw Sunny leone and not Sunny Deol
RT @creative_g33k: A feature to download the fruits that I cut in Fruit Ninja. Why waste them?
An app that replaces Birds in Angry Birds by all the Avengers.Interesting to see Hulk flying and crashing.
A phone which can help me harvest all the Vegetables which i have grown in “Farm Ville”
RT @creative_g33k: An application that helps me solve the mystery as to “Yeh Melody itni chocolaty kyu hain?”
app who alerts when Traffic Police Waiting to catch you at the Signal ๐Ÿ˜›
a phone which could get my 10-20 girlfriends
An app that could pause my boss.
The X ray Scanner..
An app which helps me find out #91ways to handle my wife’s tantrums ๐Ÿ˜›
app who can Answer ACP and Break Doors to help DAYA ๐Ÿ˜‰
an app which converts into an automatic beer dispenser #FTW
An app that could make Hulk appear in CID.He should fight against daya.
an app that prevents rakhi sawants tv appearances, surfing channels have become dangerous…
A phone with enough memory to store all episodes of CID!
An app that could chat with my gf on watsapp while I play Counter Strike
RT @KD4Yuvi: bring siri to android @91mobiles
an app that would automatically spam KRK whenever he tweets
An app to figure out any SENSE outta those mind-blogging quotes used by Sidhu ๐Ÿ˜€
An app that turns Crying little baby face into Smiling baby face.
Rocket Launcher. @91mobiles
When I tweet “Slap @SimplySilly_”, her mobile should slap her for real ๐Ÿ˜› #ThatWasLame #SheWillKillMe ☺
An app that spams ur teacher …displaying the no. of a fellow teacher :p
an app that blocks credit cards when i want while gf is shopping…
An app that shows zero balance on your phone everytime …so u can tell ur friend “balance nahi hai yaar ” :p
An app that automatically likes every image of gf on facebook
One feature batman car, other iron man suit, and of course an ATM machine?
A phone which can convert “Mazaa” back to “Mangoes” ๐Ÿ™‚
An app 4m where we can dwnld beer, whisky, vodka, breezer, tequila, as in all hard drinks.. As per the need.
A mobile feature of transferring money to others. But when some one tries to pay bribe it hangs

Some practical and feasible app ideas:

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A slot for pendrive.
I want my phone to act as a remote control to my A/C,Television and as an aid to my car’s gear-system ๐Ÿ˜€
The ability to boost frequency and equalize voice quality for calls when you have a bad reception.
Cures your stupidity, spell checks your tweets.
A phone that operates on solar energy ๐Ÿ˜€
I want my phone to have finger print security.. Utmost privacy for my data
My mobile should have a feature like ADD new hardware and can detect pen-drives or hard-drives directly!
RT @thedessertwhore: Helps me unlock my car! @91mobiles
Phone Feature Which Can Help Detect Bombs So That Mumbai And All Indians Can Remain Terror Free.
gets me review of restaurant if i just send across a picture of the restaurant
a phone which can read books fr me
a phone that allows me to switch between android and ios or any platform i want
A phone that connects 2 my security system at home, integrated with alarms, CCTV cams etc & sends notifications
It should give feed of all the social sites in one place
A Mobile which can send data to multiple device via Bluetooth at the same time #IMissedthisFeature
“Wheres the party tonight” app to track the rocking party locations in town and the esteemed guest list ๐Ÿ˜‰
an app that can make emergency calls to genuine Indian nos other than 911.
a phone which can connect to my LAN network ๐Ÿ™‚
phone with HD projection system like in the new handycams.
A phone which can turn into a big screen and then fold and kept in the pocket
A phone which can control lights at my house. I feel so lazy to get out of the bed to switch off lights
An app named for all the professional and technical advice concerning mobile.A real worthy and useful app.
Wherever I left on Laptop I can browse from the same point in Mobile… LAptop-Mobile Sync @91mobiles
Mobile feature in which When I am working on my laptop can attend calls through laptop .Phone & Laptop sync @91mobiles
An application Which on morning can summarize things for you to do in the day. Voice assistant @91mobiles
An app that would let me install iphone apps in android phones
an app that would let me watch tv channels of the all countries
An app that can produce a karaoke track from a msp3 song,so that we can sing along.
A phone in which I can buffer #YouTube videos very fast speed even in 2G connection.
A phone which has at least #3.4 Ghtz Processor.
A phone which has very sharp projector and I can watch all movies on my wall. Not #facebook wall.
A phone with a recycle bin as well as shift+delete feature.
My mobile should be able to crack jokes and talk to me when it senses am feeling low
an app using which I can buy local train tickets using net banking maybe
When i shoot my wardrobe the phone should suggest possible combinations
app who Switch Off the Electricity when it has been wasted
It’d be amazing if someone can come up with a mobile whose hardware can be upgraded.
A mobile phone which can be used attendance card at my office
A phone that can turn into a Touchscreen Tablet when required.
A mobile phone which has a Spy Cam in the Bluetooth Headset.
an app for women to give safety tips about roads, places and security.
An app that can distinguish between a real (rupee) note and a Fake one! We call it the “rupee” scanner!

However the main attraction was the futuristic ideas. Mobile companies should definitely include these ideas in their pipeline.

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6D gaming features..wld b awesome
A phone that can record smells.
Holographic keyboard. Display too
A phone that act as an universal Identity that could replace all voters ID card, Pan card or even UID number!
a phone that can type what’s in my mind
Phone turns into Iron man suit. @91mobiles
Beeping hard when danger is near
A phone that has its own FREE 4g service, where you dont need to shed a furrball . @91mobiles
Phone with a Footstep tracker where your network is not working, it can track your footsteps to find a path!
Bluetooth Charging
a feature where the phone creates a hologram of the person you’re talking to!
Automatic contact senser! Detects whether any of your contacts are in close proximity and sends a notification
helps me determine my electricity bill remotely
Infinite Battery!
Have an “Hardware Upgrade” like a PC ๐Ÿ˜€ and direct interface between flash drives ๐Ÿ˜€
Which Can Turn My Qwerty Phone Into An Android Phone….So That Even I Can Play Angry Birds In It ๐Ÿ™
A feature which actually plays music based on my current mood
An app that could wirelessly connect to someone’s mind and then talk with them.
Fuel Cell charging facility? is it #impossible ?
Checks the to-do-list item itself once the task is over.
a phone which can charge itself when talk with someone
a phone which can act as robo to do small work
A phone that charges itself.
As soon as i capture a pic of the product in the mall it should show where it is available cheapest in the city
a feature to scan, analyse and judge people.
Market Trend sensing software! To sense the real price of a product and to sense fraud!
A phone that builds me Iron Mans Suit.
An app that would convert my phone into an Iron man bike.
Feature which can allow a Chinese and Indian to talk in mandrin & hindi, both receive replies in same Mand&hin
The “moisture” alert app that tracks the slightest entry of the moisture into the phone and shields the parts!
an app shows the calories of food and ammount of weight i’ll have after enjoing it
A phone that can harness the heat generated while holding the phone in our hands and talking.
I want An app Which can find lyrics from any song ๐Ÿ™‚
Phone which has an “Virtual Keyboard” .. Press button and it appears for quick typing
Wireless Battery Charging: You can charge your mobile from your friend’s mobile by borrowing ‘battery charge’.
RT @KGwalani: – an app that drives my car for me in these painfully long traffic jams!
Wireless Battery Charging: The signal frm a Wi-Fi router like device, on being received, charges the mobile.
change looks n feel on phone as per mood @91mobiles
the phone should be able to “Print Pages”.
An app that converts your phone into a light saber …bring it on Darth Vader ๐Ÿ˜›
RT @ronnirocks: A phone which can Makes calls even if there is no signal
An app to automatically control the locks of my doors and windows!
Charge mobile by just shaking it.
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