#91crazyapps – When creativity was at its best !!!

If the competition was crazy, we would say the participating 91mobilers were crazier. Minutes after the competition started, it was trending top in the twitter and guess what, within hours tons of creative, crazy and funny ideas were bouncing around.

Well, if you missed it (did you… Ooo…ops), then let me remind you of the competition we launched yesterday on twitter. It was just about tweeting a crazy App idea to get the most re-tweets on it.

Minutes after tweeting the Go, we realized that creativity has no limits. All over the time we kept ROFL imaging the implementation of the ideas suggested by you guys. Especially the imagination of converting all Symbian phones to Android was just mind boggling. Chintu dude, If this happens, sky will fall on Elop.

It was not easy to figure out the craziest ones from the big bunch of tweets, so we divided it into following three categories:

The most creative and useful App Ideas (and feasible as well) :-

An app which switches on-off your ceiling fan without you having to get up
An alarm app which would Ring AS SOON AS your Boss comes in 10 meter range of you ..What say!!
an app which plays a song according to ur mood
An app that will record everything the teacher says and will take notes for u.
App that tells you much money you spend on cigarettes. Bonus feature: Amount of life you lost bcoz of smoking.
An app that finds you the nearest empty parking slot.
An app that can help you locate your room keys.
An app that tests the vision of your eye,after you click the pic of your eye ball with camera.
App that detects bombs.
An app that senses the sexual tension in a room.
An app that would tell all the 'tourists' in India about the exact local rates of stuff which they buy.
An app that allows you to change operating systems as and when you please

The funniest App Ideas :-

Whenever Ganguly gets a wicket, it applies gel to his hair.
App that can tell me stuffs over GPS like: Take the turn to ur right. 20 meters straight. Green dress. HOT BABE!
phone crashes the moment u type rakhi sawant or sambhavna seth
Voice tone modulator to make you sound sober while talking to your parents after you are super drunk
An app which pours water on the user after the snooze button is pressed twice
An App that could make us get rid of FB Timeline . No . Seriously!
apps that can turn the blackberry into strawberry.
An app in which you can dress up sunny leone
App that could teach Tushar Kapoor acting and Imraan Khan dancing.
An app that connects you automatically with the camera which is shooting sunny leone
an app which will predict how disastrous will Akshay Kumar's next movie be!
an App that converts your phone into an air bag which can be used as a cushion in office.

And the craziest App Ideas :-

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An app that remembers and replays your dreams
An app to store all your memories, so that you can visit each one whenever you want.
App that will help in communicating with spirits & the dead.
The string "Present Sir" in 30 different voices!
App that helps in communicating with animals, birds & insects.
A really loud alarm clock without snooze or dismiss button.
app that can convert all the iphones into androids.
An app that would nurture money plant n make it actually give money !
App that detects the silicon levels in an Actress & others 😛
An app that would charge your batteries by using people's envy.
An App that kills mondays
An app that donates a cent to charity everytime the user watches porn
Virginity detector!
An app that can make your gf pregnant 😛

The ideas were as awesome as you guys. Thanks for your overwhelming response. You made our day 😀

And the winning entry belongs to Jeet Maniar and here’s what he had to suggest


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