7 Apps that you will find interesting

MusicPlayr App MusicPlayr, is an app that allows you to combine and synchronize all your favorite songs, and music playlists that you have favorite across music sites like YouTube. You can choose videos from your favorite sites and create soundtracks and playlists, and all this is just for free. Cruise Control, now this is a cool app for runners and trainers. It’s created to keep pace with your speed with rhythmic tunes. It’s like your own personal jock! Another funny version of inspiring you to make the run is the iRun from Dogs, which simulates a pack of wild dogs running after you to give you the extra adrenaline to keep you running. Grokr is a search app almost as good as Google Now. You can add the apps you want information from and list them up on Grokr, which then collects up to speed news and new feeds from those apps and merges it all onto its app. Sounds good eh! youtube captureYouTube capture is another great app for instant uploads. When you’ve just shot a video and you want to get it right up there without the drawn out procedure of logging in to YouTube, just use this app and you can shoot and upload instantly and paste on social networks. At last, Flickr app for Apple’s hardware and OS has arrived. You can now share pics to Flickr, browse photos of others, add filters, and everything else. It’s free too. Songbooth is what you need if you’re hoping to someday set up a music production house. You can create your own music and videos and share them with friends. Beamr solves the problems and hassles you face with uploading iPhone pictures onto Facebook. Beamr improves the quality and yet preserves the original quality of your image to make a good post on your social sites. HowDo is an app where you’ll find instructional videos on just about anything. From simple stuff, to complicated things you’re too embarrassed to ask around about, you can now learn right on your apple.
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