4th generation core processor launched in India

Yesterday on the occasion of formal launch of 4th generation Intel core processor dubbed as Haswell in India, Leighton Phillips, Director, Product Management & Pricing, Intel Asia-Pacific said during the press meet, “Today we deliver on the vision set forth 2 years ago to reinvent personal computing with the introduction of our 4th generation Intel Core processors.”  Claiming the new processor 75 % better in performance than their other processors. The Intel’s leading 22nm micro architecture in the 4th generation Intel Core processors delivers up to 50% more battery life in active workloads as compared to previous generations. This is   supposed to the largest generation gain in the company’s history, giving up to 9 hours of battery life in active workloads for Ultra books based on the new processors, is supposedly  the strongest point which can guarantee success for 4th generation core processor. haswell_logo As per Philips sayings the new generation core processor will be the base of new technology that will be 2 in 1 computing i.e. Tablets will be able to serve as Desktops more efficiently by having 4th generation core processor in them which will  definitely be delivering the best of a notebook and a tablet in amazingly new form. The systems coming to market this year, will flaunt over nine hours of active use battery life or 10 to 13 days of standby on single charge as per the claims by Intel. The latest processors are supposedly capable of delivering up to 15 per cent better performance than the previous generation, while consuming lower amounts of power than its predecessors The 4th generation processor will enable everyday computing about two times faster, and will  help the system wake up around eight times faster and will allows its users share and edit HD videos about 30 times faster, than a similar computer of age 3-4 yrs old. The claims by the company are true or not depend upon those upcoming devices based on Haswell processor launched at Computex 2013 earlier this year. Various brands such as Acer, Lenovo, Dell etc announced their new models on the 4th generation core processor at Computex.

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