3M Unveils Mobile ID Reader

3M Security Systems has launched 3M MD6000 Mobile ID Reader — a lightweight handheld reader device with five data capture modes giving users the capability to validate multiple types of IDs while in the field. With applications for border management, law enforcement and transportation, the 3M MD6000 Mobile ID Reader offers new versatility for cost-effective mobile identification of individuals, said the company. CG13419 The first five-in-one device of its kind, the ID reader is equipped with readers for optical character recognition (OCR), three-track magnetic stripes, contactless RF chips and contact chips, as well as an optical, single fingerprint capture device. After data is captured in any one of these five modes, the device encrypts and relays it via wireless Bluetooth technology to a user’s existing portable processing platform, such as a rugged laptop, tablet PC or smartphone. The 3M MD6000 Mobile ID Reader gives users the ability to make real-time, field-based operational decisions, reducing the need for station-based resources. In a law enforcement application, for example, officers will have the ability to validate multiple forms of ID at a scene. In a border-control scenario, the reader will allow agents to check travel documents at entry or exit points. The reader gives users greater flexibility to take advantage of future technology improvements in processors and communications devices without the need to replace reader equipment. The product will be available commercially in early 2011.

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