3D Mobile UI For Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile

SPB Software, a mobile applications and games developer, has announced latest version of its mobile user interface (UI) — SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 — for device manufacturers and carriers. SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 provides a uniform user interface across most mobile operating systems: Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and more. The SPB Mobile Shell series has been publicly recognized as the number one best-selling mobile application across all smartphone platforms for the past 4 years. ms3_5 The V5.0 provides the first complete 3D mobile phone interface; a single place to access all smartphone features: combining traditional widget based homescreen and application launcher via 3D homescreen; fast switching between screens with a single gesture; supports almost any mobile operating system by means of a platform adaption layer. It currently offers support for Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile and is porting for more. “The first mobile UI where widgets have been implemented correctly, enabling users to convert any icon to a widget in just one click,” said the company. SPB UI Engine provides the foundation for the SPB Mobile Shell user interface, featuring natural interaction engine, physics engine, feedback engine and more; working together to provide fast development of the best UI. “Users have been demanding a user interface that looks good and feels natural, while carriers have been trying to find a uniform solution across multiple platforms to help address fragmentation issues and provide a unified experience for their customers,” said SPB’s CEO Sebastian-Justus Schmidt. “SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 satisfies these issues by making the best multi-platform UI available to carriers and OEMs that can be easily personalised.”

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