360 degree Panoramic Video from Xperia Studio is way too cool!

Sony Ericsson is known for pushing the limits of optics, imaging and video on the smartphones with their ExMoR Technology, super-high-end camera phones et al., They also run a specialized studio called Xperia Studio that invites people across the world to test the limits of mobile technology. The studio tries to partner with artists, intellectuals and boat-rockers across the world and supply them with Xperia-range of smartphones. These people use the phone and attempt something unusual and supply the Xperia studio with their results. The results are more than usually astounding!

One of the recent projects completed at xperia studio is an attempt to capture 360 degree panaromic view of Slickrock trail from the viewpoint of handlebar of a cyclist. The team had to create a special assembly unit to hold the series of 6 xperia neo phones in place. The final compilation using the footage captured is visually stunning! Check it out yourself!

You can also check out the official website [http://www.xperiastudio.com/360-video/] to view the footage from different angles.

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