2,150 Mobile Cloning Cases In India

The Government of India has come to know through telecom service providers that approximately 2,150 cases of misuse of mobile cloning through duplication of subscriber identity in different parts of country have come to their notice during 2009-10. Cloning of subscriber identity takes place by duplication of SIM (Subscriber Identity Modules) in GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and R-UIM (Removable User Identity Module)/ESN (Electronic Serial Number) and MIN (Mobile Identification Number in CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) Networks, which gives the subscriber an identity and telephone number. “Though, cloning of subscriber identity is difficult due to elaborate authentication and encryption mechanism used in mobile network,” said A Raja, minister of communications and IT. “Government intends to monitor mobile cloning, through its fields units namely TERM (Telecom Enforcement, Resource & Monitoring) Cells, which are already carrying out activities of similar type.”

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