10 Reasons to buy the BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry redefined the way people viewed high end smartphones. It redefined the work cultures globally and the way youngsters interacted with each other with the BlackBerry Messenger.  It was a matter of pride to be referred to as the “BlackBerry Boys” and the device turned to be a status symbol definition for its owners. However, with mounting competition from the likes of Apple and even Samsung, that were equally favored in the high end smartphone market, BlackBerry started witnessing sagging sales. With the BlackBerry Z10, the company redefined its personality. The first step was to launch a new platform for its new devices with the BlackBerry 10 operating system, then there was the name change from Research in Motion to BlackBerry and finally the launch of the BlackBerry Z10. The BlackBerry Z10 is a touchscreen device with many like-able features. We highlight the top 10 reasons for you to own one. 1. The Display & UI The Z10 has a very ergonomically designed display at a size of 4.2-inches. The HD LCD touch promises the best user experience on a touchscreen device. Also, the user interface has been designed to incorporate swipes and gestures for faster and smoother interactions. 2. BlackBerry 10 BlackBerry’s latest operating system has been honed to perfection with better battery life support, cool new apps, better low light camera capabilities and much more. 3. The Configuration With a 1.5GHz Dual Core Processor and 2GB of RAM, the Z10 promises a superfast, super smooth performance which will ensure multitasking at high speeds minus any hiccups. Also, supported by 16GB internal memory that is expandable up to 32GB by a Micro SD card, users can enjoy unlimited download and storage of applications. 4. The Applications BlackBerry had announced 100,000 new applications being added to the BlackBerry market place in addition to the existing ones. How many of these the users will actually use, is a question only they can answer, but when it comes to the options, the more the merrier. 5. Latest Connectivity Options BlackBerry Z10 offers all the latest connectivity options including 4G LTE and NFC which is expected on high range devices. This makes the device an ideal iPhone substitute for enterprises, especially considering the level of privacy BlackBerry offers to its device users. 6. BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) The BBM is what keeps majority of the BlackBerry users hooked to their devices and also makes the BlackBerry the most favored device amongst users of all segments. Also, with the new update, users can now make voice calls on the BBM at no extra cost. 7. BlackBerry Hub The BlackBerry Hub functions to keep your work and play related files separate. It is a great organizer cum planner on your device.  The Hub is the messaging center and can be accessed by swiping in any direction. 8. The “Flow” The BlackBerry Z10 has been designed with a flow concept in mind. The swipes and gestures have been designed to allow the user to flow through their messages, contacts, calendar events and much more in the Hub, making the device more power efficient and easy to multi task on. 9. Virtual Keypad The virtual keypad on the Z10 is exceptionally good with a rich and useful word prompter integrated onto it. The word suggestions will come in a bubble on the key you press, making it faster and easier to use. 10. The BlackBerry To carry the BlackBerry emblem is a great thing in itself. BlackBerry stands for sophistication in class in the smartphone world. It defines the commanding personality of the executive. Most BlackBerry devices sell for their brand name, which is much coveted for its personalized features. Blackberry Z10 is available for the best price of Rs 39999 only, would you like to buy one.

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