10 Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy S IV

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is company’s flagship device this year and has been treated to the best of Samsung’s craftsmanship. It had been launched among much fanfare at a special event in New York last month. The device has everything it was expected to be – a great design with a beautiful and sturdy body, a powerful hardware and a lot of new features that are hard to rival. The device is a fitting reply to competitors due to its modern features, which are true Samsung’s innovations. As the world eagerly awaits the device’s arrival in the market, we discuss ten big reasons why you must own this device. 1. The User Interface Samsung Galaxy S4 runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, and we can safely expect it to receive the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie which is scheduled  to releasing in May. The Jelly Bean itself offers a great interface, which Samsung has further enhanced with its homemade TouchWiz interface. The device has a cool new Adapt technology to adapt the screen and sound settings as per the device function and a CIE Chromaticity Diagram to enhance this. 2. The Processor Samsung Galaxy S IV’s unique feature is the 1.6GHz Exynos 5 Octa core processor with 2GB of RAM. The eight core processor promises to make Galaxy S IV most power driven device in market enhanced by ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture. There is a 1.9GHz quad core Snapdragon 600 processor as there is some issue with 4G LTE connectivity on the eight core processor, which offers equally great performance. 3. The Eye Scroll Technology The Eye Scroll Technology is another great innovation by Samsung that enables the user to scroll through pages with their eye gesture, without use of hands. Users can scroll up, down and sideways with this technology. 4. Smart Gestures This is an extension of the Eye Scroll Technology where the device uses the 2MP front camera to capture the users hand gestures to answer phone calls, music player controls and browsing through open tabs or web browser. 5. Dual Camera The dual camera feature allows the user to capture photographs on both the cameras and also hold four way video conferences on the ChatOn app by using both the cameras. 6. Hover This feature allows users to get an overview of the tabs content. The Air view gives the user a blow up of the thumbnail preview of upcoming video scenes, first few sentences of a document, open pages on the web browser to highlight a few. 7. S Translator You can translate emails, SMSes, ChatOn messages and much more into 9 different languages with this feature. The app also responds to voice inputs and can be used on the Maps app to get directions in ones desired language. 8. Eraser Shot This feature on the camera lets you erase any unwanted object from the picture you have just shot by a simple click. 9. WatchOn Video This feature allows users to use the mobile device as a TV remote control and also allows to browse content on Samsung’s media Hub video store and download it. 10. Group Play This feature allows users to share multimedia files using the NFC or Bluetooth and also engage in multiplayer games. Samsung Galaxy S4 release date in India is expected to be May 10th with a price tag of Rs 44999. Are you going to get one for you?

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