10 reasons why the InFocus EPIC 1 is the most powerful phone under Rs 15,000

The sub-Rs 15,000 segment is one of the most competitive price brackets for smartphones in India. For this reason, it’s quite difficult for a smartphone to stand out in this segment. But, it seems like the American brand InFocus is right on track to achieve this feat with the launch of its latest offering, the EPIC 1 at a price of Rs 12,999.

InFocus EPIC 1 04

For the price, the EPIC 1 sports some drool-worthy specifications, and here are the top 10 reasons why we think it’s among the best smartphones available under Rs 15,000.

A premium design with brushed metal finish

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The InFocus EPIC 1 comes with a bold and premium look. It boasts a full metal body with a curved back. On one hand, the metal exterior looks pleasing to the eyes, while on the other, the curved back ensures that the smartphone fits comfortably in your hand. Furthermore, it ensures the perfect amount of grip, so the phone doesn’t feel slippery like other metal-bodied smartphones out there in the market. As an added bonus, the metal used in the smartphone comes with a brushed finish, which gives it an even more appealing look. Overall, the InFocus EPIC 1 scores full marks on the design front.

An eye-pleasing full HD display

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The company has opted for some of the best specs for its new smartphone, as can be seen by the fact that the EPIC 1 features a 5.5-inch full HD LTPS canvas. The screen also gets Corning Gorilla Glass on top for an extra layer of protection. Interestingly, the device uses an upscaling algorithm to produce better picture quality, even when you are viewing low resolution content… after all, InFocus wants you to make full use of the 1080p panel. This also contributes to superior image colour quality by reducing the amount of Blue Light Energy emanating from the screen.

A powerful 10-core processor

The InFocus EPIC 1 is one of the few smartphones in India to utilise MediaTek’s new deca-core processor (yes, 10 cores on a smartphone) – the Helio X20. The specialty of this SoC is that it comes with a tri-cluster CPU architecture which is designed to handle different types of workloads more efficiently. For instance, it can allocate simple tasks to one cluster of cores, while directing more complex tasks to another cluster, and keeping the third cluster in power-down mode until needed. Of course, the three clusters can work together for heavy tasks or apps. This arrangement can offer up to 30 percent better battery life as compared to quad-core and octa-core chipsets. Overall, this allows you to get more from the 3,000mAh battery fuelling the smartphone, without compromising on the performance.

A superb 16MP primary camera

InFocus EPIC 1 05

One of the most important factors a user seeks in a smartphone these days is the camera. And, the InFocus EPIC 1 offers a powerful primary camera to meet the same. It sports a 16MP snapper at the back that comes with features like object tracking and phase detection auto focus. To make sure you get clear stills and stable videos, the EPIC 1 comes with auto image stabilisation (AIS). Don’t worry, if you want to shoot some videos in slow motion, the rear camera is also capable of that. One of the areas where a smartphone camera is tested to its limits is low-light photography, and it is good to see that InFocus has utilised a dual-tone LED flash for the EPIC 1 to provide ample illumination in such cases.

infocus_epic_1_screenshots_7 infocus_epic_1_screenshots_8

Capture gorgeous selfies with the 8MP front camera

InFocus EPIC 1 02

The front camera on the InFocus EPIC 1 is a delight for selfie lovers. It uses an 8MP sensor with a wide angle lens so that you can fit more in the same photo. Above all, it comes in with a wide f/1.8 aperture, which means it can capture more light, resulting in impressive low-light selfies. While most manufacturers only advertise the megapixel count in their smartphones, this is one aspect that remains largely unknown to prospective consumers. To add the cherry on top of the cake, the EPIC 1 also utilises a technology known as adaptive de-noise, which helps in reducing the noise in a blur photo, to make it look more appealing.

It’s made for gamers

For a smartphone in the budget segment, the EPIC 1 sure is host to a lot of raw power. It can play almost any game you throw at it with ease, thanks to the deca-core Helio X20 chip. In addition, the Mali-T880 MP4 GPU takes the responsibility of rendering graphics without any hiccups, ensuring smoother gameplay. Multitasking shouldn’t be a problem either as the EPIC 1 comes with a generous 3GB of RAM. In the storage department, the 32GB of onboard storage can be expanded further up to 128GB with the help of a microSD card. To top it all, InFocus has equipped the smartphone with a super-fast touch panel with 120Hz frequency, resulting in faster touch response, something that can make a lot of difference while playing games.

Fast fingerprint scanning

InFocus EPIC 1 09

Unlocking your smartphone with a pattern or an unlock code is too old school now. Almost every other smartphone nowadays comes with a fingerprint scanner. And the EPIC 1 is no different. It sports a pretty snappy fingerprint scanner at the back that you can use to unlock the device in a jiffy. Not to mention that it adds an extra layer of security to your smartphone.

Type-C connector for fast charging

The world is gradually adopting the USB Type-C standard, and the InFocus EPIC 1 is one such smartphone that has readily made the jump to the next-gen tech. The reversible port makes it way easier to connect the charging cable, as there is no “wrong way” to put it in. The EPIC 1 also supports Quick Charge technology, giving you the ability to refuel the battery quickly.

Supports HD voice calls with 4G VoLTE

InFocus EPIC 1 10

With Reliance Jio taking over the telecom industry by storm, the demand for VoLTE-capable smartphones has increased exponentially. Thankfully, the dual-SIM capable EPIC 1 supports 4G VoLTE out of the box. VoLTE or Voice over LTE is the technology needed to make calls or send and receive SMSes on IP-based networks. The EPIC 1 also comes with support for Cat.6 LTE, ensuring faster data speeds up to 300Mbps. Of course, all these connectivity options are in addition to the usual options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

Built-in IR remote control

This is one feature that only a handful of smartphones in the market can boast about. The built-in IR blaster of the EPIC 1 allows you to use it as a universal remote to control a variety of electronic devices in your house, be it your television, Air conditioner or something else. The fact that you don’t need to get up to get the TV remote from the table is quite a big selling point, and that’s just one of the possibilities.

With the EPIC 1, it seems that InFocus has hit the bull’s eye. We found not one, but as many as 10 reasons why it’s a great buy for its price… but we’re sure there are quite a few others.

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