10 inch Blackberry PlayBook photos spied

download Research in Motion (RIM) report got its confirmation regarding the arrival of 10 inch Blackberry Playbook as the photos of Playbook got leaked in the web. The photos give some hint about the appearance of large screen Blackberry playbook. People have responded well to the 7 inch PlayBook and the upcoming gadget will definitely bear some awesome results. Lots of buzz has been heard about the Blackberry PlayBook throughout the year. RIM first released the reports regarding 10 inch PlayBook in the beginning of the year, but later we received the news that the project has been shut down. But with the leakage of 10 inch Blackberry PlayBook photos, it seems like that RIM’s “lost” project is back on track. It seems like that the PlayBook comes with a SIM slot that may serve the purpose of the 4G connectivity. This feature will definitely be the booming feature in the PlayBook. The gadget comes with both front and rear camera. The resolution of the camera is up to the mark. The screen style is again pretty cool and you’ll definitely love to hang on with it. Regarding the launch of this PlayBook, it is expected that the device may get unveiled in the market in the third quarter of the year 2013. The device is codenamed as ‘BlackForest’. There may be another sophisticated devices may also be released in the coming season. So just wait and watch, Blackberry definitely has lots of surprises to offer you.
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