10 Coolest iPhone 5 accessories

iPhone 5 is said to be the most beautiful creation of Apple till date. Its faster, lighter, bigger and better than its predecessor. Soon after the launch, it broke all the records and got 2 million pre booking orders within just 24 hours of unveiling. Crazy… isn’t it? iPhone users are normally a bit ahead of pampering it with cases and accessories and thus, there is big market for iPhone accessories. Since the mobile was unveiled last week only, it was anticipated that the accessory makers will take a couple of weeks to come up with their products. But the scene is a bit different here, they are way ahead of what we can imagine. Believe me or not, accessory makers are almost ready with their products. They know they can’t afford to lose the chance. Some of the online sellers have started taking pre-orders for the cases and docks. A step ahead, some have started selling it. What if you can’t get an iPhone 5 pretty soon, you can start collecting the accessories Winking smile. iLuv, a New york based accessory manufacturer, is one among the first ones to come up with a range of iPhone 5 cases. As of now they have around 25 differently designed cases up for sale. A few of them are interesting enough to worth a mention. 1. iLuv Camera case – $ 39.99 iluv camera case Not sure why they named it the Camera case. The uniqueness of this leather case is the hollow lens pocket at the back which can be used to store the earphone or any other cable. 2. iLuv Pulse – $ 29.99 iluv case iLuv Pulse is actually a set of two different layers which create a contrast of colors and textures. This case has been designed with shock absorbing ridges to provide extra protection to your iPhone. 3. iLuv Sports Armband – $ 24.99 iluv_armband While the case has been optimised to listen to music while jogging, it also sports a reflective bezel to alert drivers if you are on a run at night. Fab.com, another New york based online retailer, teamed up with Quirky, a design site, to come up with some user submitted innovatively designed accessories. Their range of iPhone 5 accessories contains 6 uniquely designed cases and docking station called Core. Few worth mention accessories from the collection are as below: 4. Folio – $ 39.99 folioFolio is a plastic case which lets you store an earphone in a decent way. The soft touch wallet at the back covers the ear-bud holder plus provides you ample space to store up to 3 credit cards. 5. Pegit – $39.99 pegit Want to give your iPhone 5 an abstract art Makeover, get a Pegit iPhone case. The back portion of case is made of Pegboard which allows to customize the arrangement of blocks to give it a personalized design. 6. Core – $ 39.99 quirky dock Core is a docking station for iPhone 5 which holds the iPhone upfront while charging. The angular grooves allows the wire to fit in to the docks design. Other than the manufacturers mentioned above, we spotted various other accessory makers with some really interesting accessories. 7. Keyboard Buddy – $ 89.95 apple_iphone_5_keyboard_case A very useful accessory for heavy texters. This case converts your iPhone from touch only device to a slide out qwerty form factor device. The keypad connects with your iPhone via Bluetooth and hence doesn’t need a cable to connect. Also the keyboard is backlit enabled allowing you to type in dim light conditions. 8. Case Mate Pop – $ 35 case-mate-pop iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen which is optimal for watching movies. Case Mate Pop is an iPhone 5 case which comes with an inbuilt stand. Supports both horizontal and vertical holding. 9. Zagg Screen protectors – $24.99 zagg At first sight Zagg screen protectors looks like any other screen protectors but in reality, they are unique in many ways. Made up of Military blade protective materials, these screen protectors are seriously strong. These protectors comes in 4 different variants i.e. Original, HD, Smudge-proof and Extreme. You can choose one according to your usage style. 10. The $100K iPhone 5 case – $100,000 jewel-iphone-5-case Please don’t even read this until and unless you are a filthy rich person. This one is the costliest iPhone 5 accessory made up of sapphires and Rubys. The stones have been imported from Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Thailand. Which accessory you liked most? Did we missed some interesting ones? Share your thoughts via comments. Remember iPhone 5 was launched just a week back. It’s just the beginning, there’s certainly a lot more to come.

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