1.5 Billion Mobile Broadband subscribers by 2015!

Number of people tapping on to internet through Mobile broadband is on the rise. Mobile broadband users connect through 3G-enabled Smartphones, Modem-enabled iPads, USB-Mobile-Dongles enabled Netbooks and Laptops. ABI Research, the premier market research agency that focuses exclusively on Technology Market, came out with a report called “Cellular Modem Product Tracker”. Through this report, ABI claims that there would be 1.5 Billion Mobile Broadband subscribers around the globe by 2015!

According to Tomi ahonen, there are 1.3 billion Mobile phone owners are active users of the mobile internet, browsing through 3G, WAP or GPRS, which incidentally is more than the number of active PC Users on the internet.

The Mobile Data modems and mobile hotspots play an important role in mobile broadband adoption. The devices are becoming more versatile and sophisticated. Take for example, Huawei’s E583C, which can be used both as a mobile hotspot and as a standard modem. A lightweight device weighing just 90 grams, the modem is capable of providing 7.2mbps downstream and 5.76 mbps upstream. The existing modems and devices support GSM, EDGE, GPRS, HSDPA. 4G modems are making a foray into the market.

The world is becoming a mobile and wireless!

Original post:  Mobile Data Modem Vendors Are Already on the 4G Starting Line

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